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Sheet Metal

Brand Studio

Brand Identity • Creative • VFX • Editorial • CX • Sound

Sheet Metal Arts is a brand studio for disruptive mobility marketers. 


Agencies are structured to work independently from clients.

Production companies are vendors to agencies. We’re different.


Our team of designers, strategists, and creative technologists firmly believe Art Shapes Opinion and work seamlessly to translate brand needs into actionable programs and compelling, high-concept creative outputs. 


Simply put, we make beautiful content and deliver captivating storytelling for cutting-edge mobility products before, during, and post launch. Founded in Culver City, California in 2020, we offer a unique creative proposition for innovative mobility marketers through our lean, vertical-focused team and commitment to value-driven engagements. 


We are a next-gen studio poised to be the partner of the present for the brands of the future.

Mobility Intelligence

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